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Come Home to a Vibrant Lifestyle at Siddhant
January, 2022

For over 20 years, Rohan Lifescapes has been building homes with pure compassion and understanding of the clients.

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Live Connected - Live in Girgaon
December, 2021

Rohan Lifescapes creating homes in Girgaon. Every project is about great living and connectivity.

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Prithvii by Rohan Lifescapes - A Truly Blissful place to live in Ghatkopar West
November 2021

Experience pure bliss at Ghatkopar with Prithvii by Rohan Lifescapes. Tastefully designed with optimal use of space along with open areas and grand living.

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Meet and greet the seaside, everyday
January 12th, 2017

Waking up to the gentle sound of the waves or watching the sun melt into the horizon at the end of the day, are just some of the luxuries of living on the seaside.

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