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Meet and greet the seaside, everyday

January 12th, 2017

Waking up to the gentle sound of the waves or watching the sun melt into the horizon at the end of the day, are just some of the luxuries of living on the seaside. Fresh, untouched and pure air surrounds your senses and amalgamates a breath of undiluted atmosphere. The majesty of the sea evokes memories of nostalgic summers and holidays that you’ve had – the only difference being, it’s here to stay. A romantic candlelit dinner date is an everyday affair as you dine with your beloved with the sea waves kissing the seashore in the background. Unwind to a spectacular view of nature’s best, every day.

Imagine living in such a home where paradise greets you at every turn. Rediscover the magic of nature in a home by the sea. Cut the cacophony and chaos of the metropolis as you envelop your senses with the sun, sand and the sea. Marvel at an enticing view of the city’s skyline in a home that is not only a few metres away from the sea but also enjoys close proximity to various prime commercial localities. Sounds like a dream? We’re making it possible for Mumbai.

We have re-imagined this very unique experience at strategic locations in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. We feature bespoke residences that give a new meaning to owning a seaside luxury apartment in Mumbai. We are striving to create boutique residential premises adorning the skyline of Mumbai’s most upscale locale – South Mumbai. Facing the majestic Arabian Sea, each home enjoys a spectacular and breath-taking view that is simply other-worldly.

Over the years we have made inroads in transforming the skyline of South Mumbai - Mumbai’s coveted locale. Our new projects in Mumbai are coming up in prime areas including Altamount Road, Prabhadevi, Hughes Road, Malabar Hill, Worli Sea Face and Nepean Sea Road. With aesthetically pleasing interiors, modern amenities and best-in-class comfort, these remarkable residences carve their own niche. After garnering more than 20 years of our customers’ trust.

Experience an ethereal seaside living environment when you live in a beautiful home created by Rohan Lifescapes.