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Life at Rohan

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27 projects, 6.5 million sq. ft., 5000 customers! Numbers don’t lie and in the field of tenant redevelopment we’re the best. With a new mindset and energy, we began to grow bigger and bigger.

Life at Rohan 2

If you laugh with people you work with, then it's easy to work with them. We have a lot of passionate, hard-working people who love each other's company. This makes working here, simply amazing.

Life at Rohan 3

We have been shaped by the learnings from our failures and successes. We are fearless in experimenting, learning, growing and developing constantly to reach our full potential.

Life at Rohan 4

We don’t need to go out of office to feel happy, stress-free and energetic. There are very few work spaces that can feel like a second home. Ours is one of them and it is like a home away from home.

Life at Rohan 5

We are constantly reinventing ourselves on our brand, business model, decision-making, culture, leadership, and talent. We welcome you to be a part of this exciting opportunity.

Life at Rohan 6

We believe work is just a part of our lives. Hence, we encourage flexible working hours. After all, work-life balance is what we all seek. You will feel happy, stress-free, and full of energy while working with us. Few jobs can feel like a second home. We are one of them, and we are like a home away from home.

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