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Live Connected - Live in Girgaon

Premium living with great connectivity is the aim!

Don't we all dream about a perfect living space? Indeed, buying a home is something we all dream about, from how it will look to what curtains will look good and finally being able to buy it, is one of the greatest achievements in life. It is a process that needs to be dealt with extreme care as many other factors come into consideration.

Many dream to buy a house in Mumbai, the city that's a powerhouse of glamour, fame, and luxury. But finding the best one is not a simple task. A home is not just a space that you live in but a place of comfort, ease, convenience and at Rohan Lifescapes all the factors are thoughtfully taken into consideration.

Girgaon - The Premium Hub

Home to the iconic Mumbai Opera House, the relaxing beachside of Chowpatty, fine dine locations like the iconic Thackers, and innumerable ancient temples, Girgaon is the best residential hub for anyone with a refined lifestyle.

Living in Girgaon, one experiences the quaint heritage homes in Khotachi wadi and the regal displays of culture at the annual Gudi Padwa and Ganesh Utsav parades. Mumbai's largest commercial gold and goods markets like the Zaveri Bazaar, Crawford market, are all located in Girgaon.

This amazing residential hub is a few minutes ride away from Mumbai's iconic corporate hub of Nariman Point.

Making Life Easy with Connectivity

Girgaon is one of the finest locations in town. It has the perfect road network and easy access to the top hospitals, railway stations, schools, colleges, markets, business localities and great eating joints. The closeness to Chowpatty and Marine Drive makes it a location of fun.

Girgaon is closely connected to other areas of the city via road and rail conveyance. Marine Lines and Charni Road railway stations are the nearest railway stations to Girgaon. The Eastern Freeway and J.J Flyover are your gateways to travel better. The area is well served by BEST buses and cabs for better and easy transportation. The Queen Mary School, Edubridge International School, Wilson College and Hinduja College are the top schools and colleges you can find here. Health care institutions like Saifee Hospital, H.N Reliance Hospitals are also around the corner.

Rohan Lifescapes, the real estate developer in Mumbai plans and designs the projects considering all the necessities. There are several projects near or at Girgaon like Lifescapes Shubham, Lifescapes Siddhant and Lifescapes Arihant. The location of these projects are strategically planned to make living easy.

Why Choose Rohan Lifescapes for Your Home in Girgaon?

Girgaon is a highly coveted residential hub as it is in great alignment with the town's prime business hub, educational and health institutes, divine spots of worship, and provides endless indulgence choices. And that’s why Rohan Lifescapes has been developing flats in Girgaon to cater to the needs of a discerning clientele.

Being one of the top builders in Mumbai, with over 20 years of unwavering experience in building homes, Rohan Lifescapes aims to cater to every client’s smallest needs. If you are planning to buy a Rohan Lifescapes premium residential apartment in Girgaon, you can check out projects like Lifescapes Arihant, Lifescapes Shubham, and Lifescapes Siddhant in Girgaon. These projects have top-notch amenities like ultra-spacious homes, adequate ventilation, amazing view, roomy ramp parking, and on-site gym and garden in some projects.

All these amenities help the occupants enjoy better community living. Here you can experience a blend of beauty, comfort, and convenience in each thoughtfully developed project, at one of the most desired areas in Mumbai – Girgaon.